Friday, 4 January 2013

My new online folio

(No) Thanks to my limited knowledge of technology I somehow wasn't able to transfer everything from my old online folio to this blog (random bits of which can be seen poking about here and there) ~ I had been thinking of making this my new *web-based warehouse* for the photos I've been able to take of my work (cos there's a lot of stuff I don't have photos of) ~

However I -was- able to make this site that will serve as my new online folio ~ Hope you'll be able to swing by sometime to have a look ~

I hope you'll look once in a while, because that's what I'll be updating from here on out ^_^;

That's not to say I'll be totally neglecting -this- blog ~ I reckon I'll be posting a heads up here and there  whenever I'm able to somehow nudge my work along ~ I've been having to write full time again lately, because that's just how the cookie crumbles ~ but I do mean to work twice as hard at everything and hopefully I'll have something new again soon for the weebly and for this blogger ^__^;  Thank you ^__^ //