Tuesday, 11 December 2018


So I know I said I wouldn't have a show this year, and when I said it, I meant it. 

In a way this isn't 'really' a show I mean I am but one of the guest artists of the gallery with Ysa Gernale as the Featured Artist, but I suppose it is my work displayed in public and as a set unto itself, so... 

See what happened was I... I guess you could say I got talked into it (or had some sense talked into me). And I know now that I just, can't, help myself. 

It's a shame, though, I mean, this really is such a rich concept and I would've very much liked to explore it more (as in a lot more). I know for sure and certain there were a bazillion other things I would've liked to have done. As it is I did my best 'in the time that was given to me'. And I am grateful for what I've been given.

Thank you to Mr Jonas for having me on such short notice. Thank you to Mr H, and to Mrs Christie ^^ for talking me into it. Thank you to Mr H and Christie and Daylin, my mom, Bassints, Mias, and Mr V for all their support. It's times like this you begin to find out who your real friends are. Thank you also to PT Bintang Toedjoe, Asia Brewery, Nestle and Red Bull GmbH lol.  

But thank You most of all to God, to Dear Mama Mary, Saint Jude, Saint Rita, Saint Philomena, Saint Claire, Saint Matthew, Saint Joseph, Saint Luke, Blessed Fra Angelico, to Saint Dymphna, my Guardian Angel and all my other 'friend Saints'. Again, it's times like this you find out who your real Friends are. And again, I am truly, deeply grateful.

And who knows, maybe I will explore this theme in depth someday. Just for kicks ^^ As quickly as I've had to make these I had fun and it was fascinating. Truth be told I'd always wanted to make paintings like this, about stars and constellations and such, and there are still a bazillion zillion zillion zillion zillion things I wanna make. It's like I keep thinking of junk and the time and the resources (and the talent lol) I have can't seem to keep up. But as long as I've still got moving parts ^^; stuff to paint with, a little space I can work in, and God's go-ahead... 

...I reckon there be more jillamonsters a-comin' ^^;

Saturday, 13 October 2018

Take Me To The Fair

My brother has arranged for some of my work to be included in an art fair this weekend organised by his brother-in-law. He came to the house this past week to root around in my 'archives' and pulled some random pieces out (along with the sort of write-up about me from my show last year):

(Kinda banged up and worse for wear; I'm amazed they didn't throw it out.)

Anyway. Here are some notes about the pieces above.

So this is 'Flying Sarao' from my 2011 show, 'Horseplay', and he's done up in acrylic (with more than my usual amount of moulding paste) on canvas. It's actually a hood ornament used on jeeps; I haven't seen any out in the street for quite a while (then again I don't get out much ^^; ).

This is "Big Fish' and he's actually meant to be hung together with 'Small Fry' to end up looking like this:

I remember it kind of bothered one or two people at the exhibit they appeared in at the time (I made these quite a while back; 2006, I think), but I also remember I had a lot of fun making them. They're done up in acrylic and oil pastel on paper (canvas paper? I forget). (Honestly, I should keep better notes x records of these things; I have tried, though.)

This is 'Khazad' from my 2013 show, 'Horselords'—he's a tikbalang made out of a Shetland pony and a person of short stature ('khazad' is Khuzdul (Dwarfish) for 'dwarf') and he's done up in acrylic on canvas.

This was a challenge for me because I had to establish scale; looking back I'm not sure whether the tall grass I added succeeded in doing that, but see I didn't want him to be standing in a field of tall grass and I wanted him to see the sky (better), although why would there be bits of tall grass in a field of grass-grass (so fail! on my part there) (among other things).

Having figured out recently that I am / my actual image is a Shetland pony after all (however much I'd like to be / my self-image is of an Arabian ^0^), seeing this again after being taken out of storage has a little more significance for me.

This is Makintana—he's an engkanto whose job, if I remember correctly, was to keep an eye on the real x human world, and in doing this he usually transforms into a bird (and boy did that work out well for him (lol), depending on how you look at it ^^). (You see, he met his human wife that way.) He's acrylic on canvas and he's part of a collection I made some ten years ago illustrating that (incredibly cheesy and deliberately derivative) story a friend and I made up.

This is '28 Candles' (Yes, there are actually 28 of them if you care to count, haha). See when I turned 28 I didn't have any money to do anything about it, so I took some canvas I had lying around, built myself a frame (badly, I admit—the frame twisted when I stretched the canvas over it), used whatever I had lying around (acrylic and oil pastel), and painted whatever I wished I had money to do on my birthday hahahahahahahha.

I vaguely remember not finishing this on my birthday itself (I think it took a few days? Mraow, I forget). Mom took this painting and hung it on the ceiling over our dining table, but we took it down to have it framed and because of the oil pastel, it had to be framed under glass so it became too heavy for the ceiling (and since our dining table has a glass top...). I'm glad I had it framed, though. It's a very personal painting for me. 

You know my dad actually thinks I didn't 'paint' it (he thinks I 'just drew' it)? I remember him saying 'there is no paint in that picture / that picture was not painted'. I did though, Dad, honest—I painted it first and then I put the oil pastel on top of it ^o^;

Finally, there's half of a diptych called 'Paintball' which I did in acrylic on canvas in 2010, and which I remember my mom didn't like because she said it was violent. Honest, though, Mom, they're just playing x it's only paintball and not actual guns or anything. It's nice to see different species having fun together x it was all in good fun and nobody meant anything anyway (hopefully). Both sides were evenly matched so they ended up playing all day until night fell. I don't think anybody really 'won' ^^

Anyway I'd like to say thank you to my brother (and his brother-in-law) for thinking of me x having me at this art fair—wish I could've gone again to Capitol Commons (in Ortigas) this afternoon. I saw a couple of paintings there that I liked very much when I went yesterday, and I was particularly pleased to run into an artist who used to work at the gallery I had my show at two years ago, but who's now been doing very well since taking that great leap of faith (not entirely by choice, he admits) to do art full time. I have to say I really rather envy him, and the thought had crossed my mind in the past couple of days to do the same thing. 

In any case all this 'reminiscing' can't entirely be a 'good' thing—with heartfelt thanks to God, Mama Mary, my Guardian Angel (it is their month this month after all!) and Saint Dymphna and to the support and encouragement of my Mom, my sister, Mr H, Daylin, Rhea and Christie, I'm slowly getting back on my feet and back into the game. So hopefully I'll have something new to post here soon instead of flashbacks, lol. 

And even if I don't take the plunge (yet), I'm hoping to, you know. Make up for all the lost time. I realise now that I wasn't resting (indeed, I've had no real rest at all) (well, you know what they say, 'No rest for the wicked')—I was just lazy

'All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.' You were right, Gandalf. You were right.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Tall Tale

These are Rex's photos actually, the first three, and if it wasn't for Rex I wouldn't have even been in this show ~ thank you, Rex! I guess I really oughta do Facebook; if it hadn't been for Mr H, I wouldn't even have seen these photos ^^;

I'm very glad and very grateful to be in this show, I wish I could've gone to the opening yesterday, even if it was all the way in Makiling. I'm glad they seemed to be okay with me working on Biag Ni Lam-Ang even if it isn't really a myth ~ I couldn't help it, it was just so ludicrous (so epic lol) I just had to do this story, and anyway I am half Ilocano after all so it was only fitting I guess ^^; 

I had fun working on this even if I did have to work on it nights (so what else is new) and I ended up cramming in the end. It isn't much but I am fond of it ^^; I painted it for me (selfish! tsk) so, yeah ^^; It felt like ages since I'd last worked in watercolour even though I did the tree in it, but when I did I just enjoyed it and it felt so right, somehow. 

Thank You, God ~ Thank You Dear Saint Luke, Dear Blessed Fra Angelico, Dear Mama Mary and Dear Guardian Angel. Thank you, Rex. Thank you Mr H, Daylin and Rhea for all your support and encouragement. And thank you Mom and Bassints ^^;

This year I'm going to paint for me. It sounds selfish but there you go ^^; Sorry ^_____^;

Friday, 12 January 2018

Use It or Lose It

Maybe I should start doing more of these; I figured did that one with Horton in it ^^;

I try to make at least one oil painting a year, just so I won't you know, forget I guess. Usually I end up making it on the last day of the year LOL

So the above is the one I did last year, for 2017 (although I tweaked it a little bit and I finished it on New Year's Day), and the one of Mom I did in 2016, I realise I haven't been taking pictures).

Because I knew that last year I'd be dabbling in portraiture like I did for Revellers, so I guess I wanted to get a little practise in ^^;

And the boat, well, that's something I've been meaning to do for myself for a while. Only with a lot less in it ^o^; But I reckon the salient details are there, so... yeah. I think I might start using water-soluble oil when I do oil now, I don't know ~ terribly convenient but personally it takes some getting used to ^^; Still seems to take a while to dry, though; I've never been fortunate in the drying time department ^^;

So I've decided to not do a show this year and just take it easy I guess? (I know, finally...) Although there is a group show I was very kindly invited to join and I'm taking them up on it, which might be my next post here. I'm not sure of quite a few things right now but I'm hoping to figure it all out eventually. 

What I am sure of is there are so many, many things I still want to do, I mean make, like, maybe a series of oil paintings of... but I'll keep that close to the chest for now, while it's all still... brewing ^^;