Saturday, 28 March 2015

Dio Ai Bambini

It was very nice indeed to get invited (thank you, Sir Delan ^_^; ) to this year's Kristo, whose theme this year is "The Child Christ". I'd recently read somewhere that when Saint Joseph (thank you, Saint Joseph ^_^ / ) had taken Mama Mary (thank you, Mama Mary!) and Baby Jesus (thank You, Dear Jesus!!) to Egypt to escape from Herod, they'd stayed there until Jesus was about seven years old. (I'm quite ashamed to say I didn't know that; I mean I didn't think they'd stayed there for that long!) So I thought I'd show Jesus at about four or five on His way to help Saint Joseph out at his carpentry shop, with some angels about His own age helping Him carry the tools and stuff ^^; It's not a very original concept, I grant you (I recall a Pre-Raphaelite painting on the subject, for one), but then I had been told once that my work might have been revolutionary ~ 300 years ago ^O^; In any case, with "Apprentice to Joseph", I just wanted to try my hand at more detailed stuff again (with a *new* set of watercolour tubes whose brand I's unfamiliar with) after all dem blobs ^^; (because I'm needing it now for what I'm trying to work on ^^; )

Cathy and Jojo and Cathy's and my classmate Malyn are in the show as well, which I'm told is going to move to Megamall in June? Although I understand it's going to be in Cebu and at the NCCA in May ~ so the photo up there (and the invite) was from the preview over in Arte Pintura Gallery. 

As always, you can find this and other ways in which I've indulged my obsession with maya wings at my online folio, And as always, I'm just grateful to be a part of this show, and grateful to be still making stuff ^_^; Santo NiƱo, Fiat Voluntas Tua, Deogratias!