Saturday, 25 November 2017

Tree? I am no tree.

So this year I was extremely lucky they let me join the InK exhibit ~ this year's theme was 'coming of age' x becoming a young adult. So I made a tree ^^; I've made trees before, but this time I wanted to make a sapling ~ I had meant to only just make the sapling but Mom told me to put some seedlings, too. And Rhea said for me to put a background ^^; So this is what came out ^^; 

You know I rather miss doing straight up watercolours; the last time I did seemed like it was so very long ago ~ in the back of my head while I was working on this one I was still doing acrylic, meow...

Oh and I made exhibit notes for this show ^^; Here they are:


You’re reluctant to let go, but you can’t wait to see what’s on the other side. You feel unsettled, even frightened, but excited, just the same. Either way, there’s no turning back.

The transition from childhood to young adulthood is different for everyone. Some of us experience it relatively early while others are late bloomers. Some of us embrace it, and look forward to becoming a full-fledged grown up; others of us hang on to our bears and blankets for as long as possible.

Yet this is a journey everyone must go on—ready or not, here we come! And we are forced to go out in search of our older, more mature selves.

It’s uncharted territory as far as we, as ‘tweenagers’ are concerned. We’ve never looked like this, felt like this (or smelt like this) before. We haven’t been there, done that or discovered what there is in places we’d never even known about.

It’s a whole different ballgame, in a field where we, along with countless others of us at different stages in our individual journeys are expected not just to survive, but to grow and flourish. Things are different now, or at least, we begin to see things differently.

It’s this vision through the eyes of someone who’s just stepped out through a door that has yet to be closed, that we, who have hitherto primarily illustrated for children, have attempted to capture in this exhibit.

Most of us have had to look back and remember what it was to see things in this new light. Some of us, perhaps, in one way or another, still view life through that lens of renewed or continuing discovery.   

Either way, we invite you to share this vision with us, and to relive the happier highlights of your own adventures in that brave, new world.
Maybe it was the first time you started the car. The first time you tried on lipstick. Your first pair of high heels. Or that first, queasy feeling you got when she smiled at you from across the street. It was then that you knew, you weren’t one of them, anymore.

No longer with them in the park playing those games, listening to those songs, using that phrase or wearing those clothes. You don’t need permission to do this or that; come to think of it, when was the first time you stopped having to ask?

Wide-eyed and wondering, one day; wending your way to work, the next. It was somewhere in between, that momentous first, occurred.

Whenever it was, whatever they did, whoever they were with, it was then that these illustrators knew—that they grew!
^ So that last bit, there was like a mini show within the show; I think it was about the first time you ever felt all grown up. (In my case, it was the first time I voted, like in an election, like, national lol)

So thank you to my Mom ^^; Thank you to Daylin and Rhea and Mr H. Thank you to Tito Dennis for taking me to the show and thank you to InK for letting me join the show this year especially to Angela and Rex ^^;

And thank You, God. Thank you, Dear Mama Mary, Guardian Angel, Saint Luke, Blessed Fra Angelico, Saint Francis de Sales and all my friend saints. Thank you, dear Holy Souls in Purgatory. I barely managed to make the deadline ^_____^;

And I've barely managed to make up my mind about next year. I don't know; I'm still thinking ^^; Dear Holy Ghost, please help me to make the right decision ~