Friday, 12 January 2018

Use It or Lose It

Maybe I should start doing more of these; I figured did that one with Horton in it ^^;

I try to make at least one oil painting a year, just so I won't you know, forget I guess. Usually I end up making it on the last day of the year LOL

So the above is the one I did last year, for 2017 (although I tweaked it a little bit and I finished it on New Year's Day), and the one of Mom I did in 2016, I realise I haven't been taking pictures).

Because I knew that last year I'd be dabbling in portraiture like I did for Revellers, so I guess I wanted to get a little practise in ^^;

And the boat, well, that's something I've been meaning to do for myself for a while. Only with a lot less in it ^o^; But I reckon the salient details are there, so... yeah. I think I might start using water-soluble oil when I do oil now, I don't know ~ terribly convenient but personally it takes some getting used to ^^; Still seems to take a while to dry, though; I've never been fortunate in the drying time department ^^;

So I've decided to not do a show this year and just take it easy I guess? (I know, finally...) Although there is a group show I was very kindly invited to join and I'm taking them up on it, which might be my next post here. I'm not sure of quite a few things right now but I'm hoping to figure it all out eventually. 

What I am sure of is there are so many, many things I still want to do, I mean make, like, maybe a series of oil paintings of... but I'll keep that close to the chest for now, while it's all still... brewing ^^;