Wednesday, 11 November 2015


An old friend of mine and I were chowing down on these fantastically large bentos recently and we got around to talking about our pets; specifically about how we had the great misfortune to lose them. As we reminisced, I was reminded that every pet is special (and I don't mean that in an 'incredible' way). 

Once in a looong while, though, you come across this one, eeextra special pet whose *specialness* isn't just bestowed on it by its owners, but is honestly and truly all its own. 

Horton of Playa la Caleta was a real personality. I could tell stories about him you would have to experience to believe, as I understand that hearing about a dog who literally takes care of his master's guests may be difficult to take at face value. But people really did literally go to *his* beach just to see him; I know I did, and all the stories fell far short of the reality. He was so funny and charming, and thoughtful and accommodating ~ not that he was an angel; he once right before my eyes tried to drown his colleague, a hapless black dachshund, for trying to horn in on his act. Even so, he was everyone's best friend on the beach, whether you were on two legs or four.

I really wish I could've gotten to know Horton better; I was hoping he would get to know me better, too. But everyone's favourite 'thing' about Playa passed away quite suddenly; it was quite a shock, and I don't think anyone who's ever known Horton has quite gotten over it yet. So I don't normally do this sort of thing, but I decided to make my own tiny tribute to one giant of a mini Schnauzer ~ one of a deluge that flooded his master's inboxes once word got around. Like the stories I'd heard about him before I had the privilege of making his acquaintance one year ago, my humble little canvas doesn't do him justice. But it was made with lots of love, longing and a keen awareness that no other Schnauzer or beagle or whatever can ever take his place.